This is the website of Tim Rice.

I work in DevOps with Research Platform Services (ResPlat) at University of Melbourne. ResPlat provides computational infrastructure and training to researchers in the Parkville precinct, including access to:

In the past I’ve worked as:

I have been using Linux as my main operating system since 2008. You can see some of the free and open source software I have authored at NotABug.

I enjoy reading, video games, and role playing games (with the RPG Review Cooperative). I occasionally indulge an urge to write terrible poetry and weird fiction.

This website is made with Pandoc, Make and GIMP.


My base64-encoded email address is dGltb3RoeS5yaWNlQHVuaW1lbGIuZWR1LmF1Cg==

(Recover it using base64 -d <<< dGltb3RoeS5yaWNlQHVuaW1lbGIuZWR1LmF1Cg==.)

Some publications: